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Non-association and place restriction orders

The court can impose non-association or place restriction orders if it is satisfied that it is reasonably necessary to do so to ensure that the offender does not commit any further offences. The orders can be imposed if the offence the subject of sentence carries a maximum penalty of 6 months or more. The orders are imposed in addition to other sentences.

A non-association order can be limited or unlimited. A limited non-association order prohibits the offender from personal contact with an identified person or group. An unlimited non-association order prohibits personal contact and communication with an identified person or group by any means, including post, telephone, facsimile and email.
A place restriction order prohibits the offender from entering specific places or districts.
The maximum term for one of these orders is 12 months.


If a non-association or place restriction order is breached the offender is liable to 6 months imprisonment and a fine of 10 penalty units.

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