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Good Behaviour Bonds

A good behaviour bond is a sentencing option available to the court with or without a conviction being recorded. The court may order an offender to enter into a good behaviour bond instead of imposing a sentence of imprisonment.

By entering the bond, the offender is agreeing to be of good behaviour for a specific period and appear before court if called to do so at any time within the term.

The court can impose additional conditions as part of the bond. These may include attending counselling or residing at a rehabilitation centre.

The maximum term of a good behaviour bond is 5 years.


In the event of breach an offender will be called to appear before the same court that imposed the sentence. The court can revoke the bond and resentence the offender for the original offence.

Commonwealth offences

Sections 19B and 20 of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) state that a good behaviour bond is an available sentencing option in respect of a federal offence.

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