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Car Stealing

Fraud / Dishonesty / Theft Offences – NSW

Welcome to the NSW Car stealing article page. Everything you need to know about Car stealing according to NSW law – Dated: 01/09/2009

What the Law States according to NSW Law for Car stealing

According to NSW Law for the charge of Car stealing:

The Maximum Penalty – Car stealing

According to NSW Law for the charge of Car stealing, the maximum penalty for this offence is 5 years imprisonment.

What the Police must prove according to NSW Law for Car stealing

In order for the Police to prove their case at Court, they must prove each of the following matters beyond a reasonable doubt.

  1. The accused did steal a motor vehicle.

It will be necessary for the Police in every offence to prove that the accused was the person who committed the offence. Click here to learn more about identification evidence.

Possible Defences under NSW Law – Car stealing

Possible defences to this offence include but are not limited to:

  • Duress
  • Necessity

In NSW which court will hear the matter – Car stealing

This matter is a Table 1 offence which means that either the DPP or an accused can elect to have the matter dealt with in the District Court. If no election is made it will be dealt with in the Local Court.

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